Guilty as charged, I’m a big fan of sitting under the sun for at least an hour to get the slightest tan despite having olive skin tone. The glow and that rosy flush you get after sunbathing can be quite addicting but also dangerous.

Recently, a Scottish woman shared a photo of the scarring left by skin cancer to show the consequences of sun tanning.

40-year-old Lorraine Henderson was a frequent user of suntanning beds since she was as young as the age of 13. The mother of one shared that she has never used sunscreen but only tanning oil.

“I’d go on holiday and get the best tan I could, then come back and really hit the sun beds to keep my color up… I just was wanting to feel good about myself and when you’ve got a tan you do feel good about yourself. Leading up to holidays to get a base tan, when I got back from holidays I would use them four times a week. I would start on six minutes but when I came back from my holidays I would go up to nine minutes.” Henderson told STV.

Henderson uploaded both of the photos above on her social media site with the caption:

Has took me a few weeks 2 come 2 terms with this b4 I posted…I had a spot on my face for over a yr then thinking the sun wld clear it up and didn’t, a gd friend advised me 2 get this checked out in which I did…one look and was told I had skin cancer…not lking 4 any sympathy comments, wld jst like 2 put out there that after years of abusing sunbeds not putting the proper suncream on has resulted in a permanent scar on my face. BE AWARE. SUNBEDS, SUN, DOES LEAVE PERMANENT DAMAGE!!

Please be extra careful the next time you’re planning to get some color! Sunscreen first, always!