Photo: Mashable
Photo: Mashable

It’s 3AM, you toss and turn in bed trying to ignore the fact that you desperately need to go to the loo thinking “maybe if I don’t pay attention to it, I’ll just continue sleeping soundly”. Wrong, the urge to do so gets more and more obnoxious that you give in and head to the bathroom.

Oh the agony of having to find your way there whilst still being at least 85% asleep and not trying to wake anyone up… If only there was a way to make things easier!

Happy to say there is. Illumibowls, new bathroom nightlights that is attached to your toilet, have just launched in the UK and might just prevent any bathroom injuries. I mean, the possibility for you to accidentally miss the toilet seat and fall on your bum is pretty high.

The Illumibowl is both light-sensitive and motion-activated, so it’s only switched on when you walk into your bathroom during the night.

With nine colour options, single colour or colour rotate and it can be clipped into the underside of the toilet seat of any type of toilet.

Now you can turn up while doing number one (or number two, we don’t judge)..

The product is available on for £19.99.