There is no doubt about it: Justin Bieber is a big, big, star and wherever he goes, he’s swarmed by paparazzi and fans, which we guess is what comes with being famous. A lot of stars are okay with this but Justin Bieber is no longer one of them.

In an Instagram post, Bieber goes on to say that if a fan sees him out about, they should know that he will not take a picture with them. The singer goes on to say that he’s done with taking pictures and feels like a zoo animal as people don’t even say hi and or recognise him as a human.

This sounds a little similar to when Bieber cancelled all his future meet and greets, which disappointed a lot of fans that paid quite the sum of money to see the pop star in person.

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While we sort of understand Bieber’s predicament, we cannot help but wonder, doesn’t taking pictures with fans (who made you famous) come with the superstardom that you’ve asked for?

What do you guys think?