Summer is here, and while we’re at a tropical country that’s blessed with sunny weather all year long, it doesn’t mean we can’t join in the fun on some cute summer beauty products. Here are our top 5 picks from NARS that will have you looking fab this holiday season!

Velvet Matte Skin Tint (RM170)
With the weather being quite hot lately, I was in search of a “lighter” foundation and I know that in the universe of beauty, that meant tinted moisturizer. So I decided to give the new NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint a go, and it didn’t disappoint. Anyone with dry skin would really appreciate this product as it really helps moisturize the skin and blends really well. It stays matte for hours and doesn’t cake up either, which is a major plus for me.

I love how easily it seeps into the skin, which ends up giving you full coverage that feels like second skin. Like the name suggests, this product is smooth, buttery and gave me a velvet matte finish. Highly recommend this for everyday use or even on a beach holiday!

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (RM95)
There is something super unique about the formula of this lipstick by NARS. It glides on my lips effortlessly and doesn’t dry up either. Stays completely silky and lasts for ages! After a few meals and a couple of drinks, the colour manages to stay, which is miraculous! I highly suggest getting the NARS sharpener so you don’t end up wasting a lot when sharpening.

Brow Perfector (RM85)
I dig this brow product so much because it’s insanely versatile! It allows you to reshape, fill in and design your brows exactly the way you want them to be. Thanks to the oval-shaped pencil, you have the freedom to control the tool so that you can shape your brows with ease. Because I have dark hair, the grey undertone in the Brow Perfector gives my brows the natural finish I wanted. After about 12 hours, the colour seems to still stay in tact and even though the colour is sheer, it’s definitely buildable.

Velvet Lip Liner (RM89)
I loved how easy and smooth this lip liner is and the perfect product to complement the Velvet Matte Lipstick. This creamy lip liner has got a soft tone and pearly sheen to it, which makes it perfect for a daytime or nighttime look when matched with the right lipstick. The best thing about the Velvet Lip Liner would be that it stays put and doesn’t smudge all over.

Dual Intensity Blush (RM190)
I absolutely loved this blush product by NARS even though it has got the same kind of texture you would find in eyeshadows, which makes it a little tricky to use. I got the Dual Intensity Blush in Panic because I love the match between that soft pink shade and coral on my face, as I have a slightly darker skin tone. This blush colour definitely gives your face the natural flushed look but I would highly suggest using a sponge like the beauty blender or even your fingertips. I find that using just a normal blush brush won’t spread the product as well.