angry indians

The Angry Indian Show by LOL Events was just that, a bunch of Indian guys on stage vehemently tearing apart every stereotype against Indians. The show starred some of today’s brightest up-and-coming Indian talents, the seasoned Andrew Netto, Kavin Jay, Prakash Daniel, Keren Bala Devan and fresh from the oven, Thenesh Skip.

From superstitions, overly religious mothers, relationship problems, to explaining to your conservative relatives about stand up comedy, they got it all covered. They got us laughing the whole night till our stomachs hurt, and here are some our favourite moments from each of the comedians:

Prakash Daniel who freaked everyone out with his opening

angry indians prakash

With a four-inch beard and baseball cap, Prakash opened the show in Tamil, and almost immediately everyone’s jaws dropped as they started murmuring to each other in utter confusion. He then switched back to English, much to everyone’s relief, and pointed out that that’s how he felt working in an advertising company, where everyone communicated in Chinese majority of the time! What a jab..

Thenesh who doesn’t get why porn has acting in it

angry indians thenesh

With his rimmed-glasses and dorky demeanour, Thenesh was the first comedian of the night. He asked the crowd if they shared his curiosity about why people in the pornography even bother with any acting. He also went on to reenact some of the scenes, hilariously translating them into Malaysian context.

Oh, we also hope that he gets over that breakup soon.

Andrew Netto who could never make it to church at 6.45 am

angry indians andrew

His was a no-holds-barred set, do not expect Andrew to tone down or even try not to offend anyone. Andrew Netto wittily depicted the struggle of being born into a Indian family; from having long, complicated names, to coming home drunk at 6 am, stealthily creeping into your bedroom, and of course, how tedious it is to make those early morning prayer sessions. It’s brutal honesty with this guy.

Angry Keren’s eternal love for mutton

angry indians keren

Keren is probably the angriest comedian on stage, ever, and there is never a dull moment when he is on. In fact, his straight face makes his anecdotes even funnier!

With a stern tone, he sent the crowd into a relentless laughter as he recalled how his mom once mistook him for a robber in his own house. Before he left the stage, he made sure everyone knew that he loved mutton to death, especially the bone marrow, and encouraged us all to suck the life out if it.

Kavin never knew what time it was in the UK

A young, immature, and virile Kavin arrived in the UK back when he was 17 years old, only to realise that people there told time every differently from Malaysians. He also recalled dial-up internets; a time where the closest he could get to naked women was AVON catalogues and VCRs that had to be rented, all while living n constant fear of his wrathful dad.

Albeit famous for being Malaysia’s grumpiest comedian, Kavin’s execution was endearing and he’s really just a grumpy teddy bear–it was the perfect closure to the night.

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