Airbnb has quickly become the go-t0 service when it comes to looking for affordable yet desirable accommodations when going on holiday. I recently decided to book a villa through Airbnb for my summer vacation with family and friends in Bali. Here are some of the important things that I learnt:

Speak to the owner
Your host should be accommodating and inform you of all the details you may need to know, like if the villa is located a little bit on the outskirt of town. Don’t be shy to ask your host all the questions you might have as this will avoid any disappointment.

Read the reviews
One things I have learned after my stay at an Airbnb booking that I’ve made is the fact that the reviews may be false, which is a little upsetting. I think the website should come up with a way to figure out this particular problem because it’s not fair to guests.


Check if it’s really cheaper than a hotel
Sure, a villa in Bali is always great, especially when you’re traveling with a big group of friends but there’s a reason why hotels sometime cost a tiny bit more. You get breakfast, amenities, and all sorts of other things that you may not get at the villa. So, if it’s cheaper than a hotel then go for it, but if it’s the same price or just a bit more, perhaps you might want to reconsider.

Know that it gets pretty good
Sometimes, the deals are too good to be true but with Airbnb, it can get that good and all you should do is enjoy the lovely accommodation, which you have paid for.