Liner is a legend established by film – the signature of some of cinema’s most fascinating gazes – and fashion photography, and the ultimate asset of women in search of a cosmetic identity that is theirs alone. More contemporary and desirable than ever, it can be applied as desired – graphic, extending over the eyelid, or more subtle and delicate at the base of the eyelashes.

Marking a powerful comeback on runways and in beauty tutorials, it symbolises an infinite desire to create and have fun with make-up to stand apart from the crowd. Or simply to take pleasure in the design process. To unleash the line and push its boundaries, Lancôme has come up with Grandiôse Liner, inspired by the techniques of make-up artists.

This revolutionary liner breaks with the norm for a more supple technique and incredible flexibility upon application. A wonderful technological feat, it comprises a pivot allowing a 35-degree curve in the handle and almost unlimited dexterity. Its new dense, opaque and intensely matte formula intensifies the eyes, lending itself to particularly audacious lines.