Photo: Jennifer Graylock/WireImage
Photo: Jennifer Graylock/WireImage

After going on a rough patch battling a lawsuit against her record label and almost barred from performing at the Billboard Music Awards, Kesha has announced that she will be going on a tour this summer (with her horse) and also promises fans new songs.


Kesha is also breaking away from her former persona, with $ sign dropped from her name, and we can also expect to see lesser glitter on her face.

“Hey, guys! Are you coming to hang this summer with us? We’re going on tour, me and the horse,”,” she said on an Instagram video. “I’m playing songs you’ve never heard me play before and I may never play again.”

Her 17-city tour only revolves around the United States, but hey, we’re ecstatic that she’s back on the road again, doing what she loves. Much love for you, Kesha! 💋

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