Red Bull’s #EhWauBulan Art Showcase is an art exhibition featuring 59 selected artworks in honour of the nation’s 59th year of independence. The exhibited featuring shortlisted artworks is open to the public from 30 August to 7 September at White Box, Publika.

The art showcase is held in partnership and with the support of The National Visual Arts Gallery.


Red Bull’s #EhWauBulan art outreach aims to cultivate Malaysia’s art scene and to empower local artists by providing a platform for them to showcase their artwork.

The selected artworks are chosen from an overwhelming 332 submissions by the following panelists; street artist Fritilldea, contemporary artist Ivan Lam, and National Visual Arts Development Board trustee and artist Phillip Wong.


Contemporary artist and panelist Ivan Lam said, “I’m impressed with the high quality of work submitted, and the confidence these artists have to submit their work. Increased connectivity makes our arts scene more interesting, and making art offline then sharing it online brings people together.”

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“Art is accessible and shouldn’t be segmented, so it’s important that Red Bull offered this platform to showcase one’s artistic journey regardless of creed, religion, and age.” he added.

Head over to Red Bull’s website to learn more about the #EhWauBulan art showcase and the artists.