Photo: Ry
Photo: Ry

Sheet masks have become so ubiquitous and it’s not surprising why. Those thin, saturated sheets are easy to put on, and only require about 15 minutes to instantly reveal plump, hydrated skin.

However, a new report has got us wondering how clean and sanitised the manufacturing of these sheet masks is. Are they even sterile enough to marinade your face with?

On Reddit, a Seoul-based poster dvaonline22 shared images of dirty manufacturing practices and sheet masks being assembled in private homes.

As it turns out, many brands have identified as using at-home labour for folding and stuffing sheet masks into their packaging, even though making market-ready beauty products at home is illegal.

The practice is widely reported in Korea since 2008 and it is apparently fairly common. If you thought all your sheet masks are created with factory machinery, you’re very well wrong. It’s pretty unsettling though..

Images of the masks being folded on cardboard in people’s homes without wearing gloves and placed into packaging to be sealed back at factories are just the start.

Photo: Alana
Photo: Alana

Several articles online have cited reports that consumers found an insect, black spots, and hair on the sheet masks.

As it turns out, most of the top selling sheet masks are also folded by hand.

Regardless of whether this piece of news doesn’t faze you at all, or you’re all in for supporting ethical and hygienic manufacturing of practices, being educated is key. We’ll leave the judgement to you.

Perhaps we’ll start looking out for tips on buying the more responsibly made Korean sheet masks from here on out..

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