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Aesop recently introduced the latest addition to its renown Parsley Seed line with a new Facial Hydrating Cream which contains a rich blend of botanicals meant to fortify the skin, and to protect it from external aggressors as well as urban pollution.

Combining extracts of parsley seed, white tea and rock rose, emollients like sweet almond oil and shea butter, skin-conditioning Vitamin E then blended with Tocopherol and Tocopheryl Acetate, the Facial Hydrating Cream can be used day and night to help the skin fight against free radicals. The result is soft, supple and balanced skin.


Boasting a non-greasy formula, the Facial Hydrating Cream is further reinforced with anti-oxidants, just like the entire Parsley Seed line. This signifies its efficacy in safeguarding the skin against lifestyle and environmental damage such as stress or exposure to pollutants.

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Hydrating Cream is available for RM255 (60ml jar) at all Aesop signature stores, counters and online.