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It is totally normal for famous couples to keep their relationship status on the low, especially when it tends to attract too much attention from the paparazzi.

Taiwanese actress Shu Qi and actor-director Stephen Fung did that for four years, and announced today that they have tied the knot! This news comes as a shock–since they never really admitted to their relationship in public–but we’re thrilled to hear about the happy ending.

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The couple also announced that the marriage was a ‘sudden decision’, so they chose to keep things simple. There will not be any wedding banquet or parties.

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The two have been linked romantically since 1997, after the filming of Beauty. “We’ve known each other for 20 years and been in love for four years.” they said in a press statement. The couple also rubbished rumours of Shu Qi’s pregnancy.

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Shu Qi and Stephen Fung tied the knot in Prague, where he is directing her in their latest movie, The Adventurers. We hope they have a happy married life, and we can’t wait for the new movie! 🙂

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