SOS Multivitamins+ 03

Marrying innovative skincare science with the art of beauty, Science On Skin (SOS) offers dermatologist-developed formulations with higher concentration of active ingredients compared to over-the-counter products to treat and protect the skin from free radicals and offer multiple skin-enhancing benefits.

Adding yet another product to its line of offerings, SOS recently introduced the Multivitamins+ serum that’s formulated with vitamin A, C and E, as well as a blend of stem cells, botanical extracts, collagen and potent peptides, meant to promote radiance, firmness and luminosity while slowing down ageing.

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Vitamin A stimulates the dermis to reduce wrinkles, increase blood flow, and increase the deposition of collagen, whereas vitamins C and E encourages the delay of ageing. Together with the stem cells and other potent ingredients, the powerful serum also hydrates the skin, reduces pigmentation, improves blemishes and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

The Multivitamins+ serum is hygienically contained in a dual-chamber pump dispenser to retain the potency of its ingredients. Recommended for evening use and specially formulated for all Asian skin types, pump out the serum once from both chambers, combine with your palms and pat lightly into the skin.

The SOS Multivitamins+ serum retails for RM169 (30ml) and can be found at a variety of stores stocked by SOS Beauty Garden Bioherbs.