heineken ds-038 copy

Together with Pestle & Mortar, Heineken has unveiled a limited edition T-shirt collection for its Drink Sensibly campaign. This collaboration aims to raise awareness in promoting smart party habits while urging the public to cultivate a responsible drinking habit — since people are likely to lose control during a big night out.


The limited edition T-shirt collection features drinking tips and quotes in LED typography — “Dance More, Drink Slow”, “Superheroes Cab It”, “Less is More — Know Your Limit” and “Feed Me More”– creatively emphasising the important messages, making it more relatable yet stylish.

With a limited number of 100 tees available, don’t miss out on the chance to snag these babies through an online contest this 23rd October! Find out more at Drink Sensibly or log on to Facebook to be part of the Drink Sensibly movement.