Skin dehydration is prevalent regardless of age or skin type, and during our youth, it can quickly be treated. However, that isn’t the case as we age – these dehydrated spots will become the first areas that are prone to skin ageing. Caused by ageing cells that build up on the skin’s surface, the result is a lack of firmness and elasticity, dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and more.

Hence, one of the most effective ways to prevent ageing is to prevent dehydration by repairing and enhancing the stratum corneum’s capacity. With that, Kosé introduces its INFINITY Advanced Moisture Concentrate range backed with a new image and advanced formula to awaken the skin’s infinite moisture potential to defy the signs of ageing.


Combining the power of micro-organisms and innovative biotechnology, the INFINITY Advanced Moisture Concentrate range awakens the skin’ natural defence with active and bio-active ingredients such as Rice Power™ Extract No. 11, neem leaf extract, ectoin, alteromonas ferment extract, and bifida ferment extract.

Kosé’s patented active ingredient, the Rice Power™ Extract No. 11, is made from 100% steamed white rice and takes up to 90 days to have its extract harvested. Filled with hydrating properties like amino acids, peptides, and sugar, this active ingredient significantly improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture within the epidermal layer.

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The Advanced Moisture Concentrate is a pre-serum that improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture by prepping it for better absorption. The Advanced Moisture Concentrate Lotion then hydrates the skin to reveal plumpness, whereas the Advanced Moisture Concentrate Serum delivers concentrated hydration to invigorate the skin and prevent signs of ageing.

INFINITY Advanced Moisture Concentrate – RM330, 50ml
INFINITY Advanced Moisture Concentrate Lotion – RM290, 160ml
INFINITY Advanced Moisture Concentrate Serum – RM290, 50g

Learn more about Kosé’s new Advanced Moisture Concentrate range via Kosé’s official website.