Suminagashi inspired Limited Edition Festive FTE

This festive season, SK-II has unveiled a new limited edition Facial Treatment Essence bottle dressed in an intricately crafted design inspired by traditional Japanese marbling coined as Suminagashi.

Serving as a reminder that one possesses the power to paint their own path, Suminagashi was chosen for its powerful principle which states that there is no wrong drop (of ink) as each individual dot and swirl come together to create a distinct art piece.


Containing over 90% Pitera™, the Facial Treatment Essence by SK-II works to smoothen the skin’s surface even out skin tone, restore the skin’s natural glow by replenishing moisture, and keep the skin plump. With that said, the Suminagashi limited edition Facial Treatment Essence is available in red, blue and green designs.

On top of the Facial Treatment Essence alone, SK-II’s festive offerings also include gift sets such as the SK-II Crystal Clear Skin Set (RM620), SK-II Refreshing Skin Set (RM833), SK-II Ageless Beauty Set (RM1,015) and more.

The SK-II limited edition Facial Treatment Essence, as well as the festive gift sets, are now available for purchase for a limited time only at all SK-II counters across Malaysia.