Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

From today (Nov 1) onwards, Malaysia has started collecting a RM20 road charge from Singaporean motorists entering through the Causeway and Second Link checkpoints, although a radio frequency identification (RFID)-based Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) system is in the works.

The RM20 road charge will be applied on private-registered cars entering Malaysia and must be paid with Malaysia’s Touch n’ Go electronic payment cards.

Foreign-registered motorcycles and commercial vehicles like public transportation will be exempted. The road charge and VEP will also be extended to other 10 road entry points across Malaysia in stages.

With that, Singapore has voiced out about the discriminatory levy and warned that it may match the road charge.

As of now, Singapore’s VEP fee levied on foreign cars entering the island is at S$35 per day, after 10 free VEP days. On the other hand, Malaysia’s VEP will cost an expected RM10 to install an RFID tag that is valid for five years.

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