Bernard Chandran sets fashion pulses racing again by merging fashion and art onto the runway. In his Spring/Summer 2017 collection, Bernard Chandran garnered different inspirational elements from two different genres of art.

The three-dimensional ‘wearable art’ collection bears resemblance of the Japanese art of the Edo period, with its sentimental landscape of mountains, nature, cherry blossoms and the agrarian Japanese society. Juxtaposed alongside is a profound modern art of abstract expressionism of the 50s – complete with odd angles and shapes on flat planes and strong linear.

Together, they outlined a powerful influence on the imagery and aesthetic approaches in the collection.


The trend showcased by Bernard Chandran is superbly thrilling and challenges the imaginations of the world of fashion with a fresh perspective. Blurring the lines and aesthetic intentions of fashion and art, this collection is nothing short in the aesthetics in terms of craftsmanship.

The prevalence of cotton and premium netting is seen across the fabrics used. The outlines of simple yet edgy cuts of the bustier dresses, bomber tops are accompanied by a tenacious colour palette that is reminiscent of a sense of lightness that brings forth the spirit of spring and summer. The details are found in the rich embellishments, hand-sewn embroidery and luxury crystal bead works.


Known for his skill and in revolutionizing luxury traditional designs that are befitting for the Royals, Chandran has once again ingeniously articulated the oriental influence with modern interventions.

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