Photo: Daily Mail UK

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is in the news, yet again. And this time, not for a good reason. The singer punched a male fan, a.k.a. a Belieber, just outside his concert venue in Barcelona and left the fan with a bloodied lip.

Bieber was arriving at Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi where he was to perform as part of this Purpose World Tour in a chauffeured car, where excited fans were eagerly waiting for him. As the singer’s car slowly passed by fans, it’s seen that a young male fan reached out to Bieber to touch him, but instead, the fan got punched in the face.

Photo: Daily Mail UK

The jabbed Belieber was seen spitting blood as other fans were in utter shock. Although many are voicing out against the singer’s actions, his defenders are saying that fans should respect his privacy and nobody should try to touch anyone while in their cars, or otherwise. And that anyone would have reacted in the same way.

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