Photo: Huffington Post
Photo: Huffington Post

Lemons may taste like crap on their own but did you know that these sour suckers have a ton of benefit? You can use lemons for more than just adding them to your tea or cooking. Lemon juice should become an essential item to have in the fridge because of it can help your body in more ways than one.

Here are some of the cool things you probably didn’t know about what lemon juice can do for you:

Make you thinner – Don’t expect to look like Kate Moss from drinking lemon juice but it can help you manage your weight. Let’s face it, we’re all looking to shed a pound or two. Drink lots of lemon water as it helps you lose weight in time and thanks to its pectin fibre property, hunger cravings will also be reduced.

Give you a big dose of vitamin C – If you didn’t already know, much like oranges, lemon is also packed with vitamin C. A lot of people don’t get enough of it, so be sure to add lemon juice in your water everyday. Having sufficient amount of vitamin C will also keep pesky common cold at bay!


Helps you chill out – It’s been proven that lemons can help you catch up on snooze time and de-stress you. If this doesn’t convince you to drink up on that lemon juice then I am not sure what will!

Release constipation – Add some ground flax seed with 1/4 of lemon in a cup of hot water and you’ve got yourself a beverage that will help your stomach woes. Not only does this drink help you go for number 2, but it tastes good!

Lets you have amazing skin – Thanks to its powerful antibacterial properties, lemon doesn’t only give you a clearer and better complexion but it also prevents acne. Just cut up some lemons and smear your face with the slices. Watch your skin improve within weeks!

Give you natural highlights – Bet you didn’t know that by squeezing some lemon juice on your hair before spending a day out in the sun by the pool could give you natural highlights! Try it out.

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