Photo: Business Insider
Photo: Business Insider

YASSSSSS! What better way to almost end the week with than knowing that Netflix is now available in Malaysia. Weep tears of joy, my friend!

The company made this official announcement through their on-going keynote address at CES 2016. Malaysians don’t have to wait and they can enjoy the service right away. Users can enjoy Netflix through many different mediums, from web browser to smart TVs and even game consoles! There are even apps for Windows, Android and iOS, so you can now literally “Netflix and chill” anywhere and anytime you want!

Below is a picture to give you an idea of what the fees are like and what each combo has to offer:


If you’re not too sure on which package suits you best or if you should even sign up, don’t worry because you get a month’s worth of free trial. However, you do need to enter payment details such as your credit card, but you should have no problem if you unsubscribe before the trial time ends.

Friday nights are about to get more interesting and by interesting we mean binge-watching our favourite shows with a bowl of popcorn in hard.

Also, could this mean the start of “Netflix and chill” here in Malaysia?

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now on their website!




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