As the pioneer of cleansing oils, shu uemura harnesses the power of oils and fuses it together with a half a century of oil expertise to create this unique skincare oil, skin perfector. The shu uemura atelier finally unlocks this untold truth about oils. It’s a time-honoured trade secret among professionals backstage. this cutting-edge oil is not only beneficial as a skincare, but it also has the ability to enhance makeup finish.

Discover oil with your senses through silky soft, gliding smooth, light-infused skin. Skin perfector awakens a woman’s senses through this addictive skincare experience. shu uemura skin perfector invites you to BREATHE in this fine natural aroma, to TOUCH the comfortable light texture of the precious golden oils, to FEEL your silky soft, gliding smooth, light-infused skin, and UNVEIL a beautiful even-fit makeup finish. All the fulfillments stems from the light-diffusing properties of this precious oil that creates soft and smooth skin with a natural glow.

Emma Mallaburn
Emma is a writer, dancer and Lucky Charms lover. She enjoys baking muffins, completing puzzle sets and eating both. Her idea of the good life includes pretending she's Amy from The Big Bang Theory and throwing martinis in the faces of those who scorn her. She can be found on Twitter: @emallaburn