Getting bored of the way your home looks? Painting a room is a quick and inexpensive way to spruce up your existing space. Imagining a room in a brand new colour can sometimes be difficult, but there are plenty of websites and free apps such as this one to guide you through it. You’ll be able to try out all the colours via a visualiser to see which colour palette would look best with your decor and theme at home.

Photo: archideaphoto
Photo: Archideaphoto via Paint Hacker AU

If you’re unsure about how to go about revamping your space, check out these painting tips and tricks that may assist you with the project:

1. Always use a base coat – Even when you’re repainting, you should always use a base coat to ensure perfect results every time. The base coat will help to conceal the old paint, ensure that the fresh coat of paint adheres well onto the wall, and reduces the risk of streakiness.

2. Do your research – Pick the right paint by doing your research and when doing so, consider the paint odours, different finishes, drying time, formulas, and ultimately, what kind of paint you’d like to have in certain spaces, like the bedroom for instance. Also, if you have children, consider a paint that may be resistant to scribbles on the walls.

Photo: Rugsandblinds
Photo: Rugsandblinds

3. Use clean and soft brushes – Got leftover brushes from the last time you repainted your home? Those brushes may be stiff and wouldn’t deliver the right results. What you can do is dip the brushes overnight in vinegar to soften the bristles. After you’re done using them, make sure to wrap them up with a plastic bag and seal it with an elastic.

3. Protect the areas you do not wish to paint – Avoid getting paint on places like your wall trims, door frames or switches by using masking tape or petroleum jelly. Coat these areas, or tape them off to protect them from paint. With petroleum jelly, you’d be able to wipe off the paint easily. Think you can handle it without? Use a stiff angle brush to get clean lines and use a damp cloth to wipe off accidental slips.

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

4. Wrap up fixtures and little furnishings – Your room may have light fixtures and other items attached to the wall you may also want to protect, like shelving and the toilet seat. A clever way to go about this is to use cling wrap. It sticks on effortlessly without the use of extra tape, and would be a breeze to yank off later when you’re done.

5. Keep your workspace clean – One concern when it comes to painting your own walls is the messy cleanup which can be time-consuming. Before you start pouring out your paint onto your paint tray, cover it with a plastic bag so that the actual paint doesn’t touch the tray. Once you’re done, just unwrap the plastic bag and toss it in the bin. Easy peasy!

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