Fact #1, we like sunglasses. Scratch that… we love sunglasses! Fact #2, we love Jared Leto. We’d like to thank Carrera for combining these two as the eyewear brand announced that the Academy Award winning actor and (dreamy) musician Jared Leto is the new face of the 2016 Carrera Eyewear ‘Maverick’ campaign.

“I’ve known of Carrera since I was a kid and when I came across the Maverick project I was immediately connected to it as it talks about people that are brave, bold, that take risks, the wild horses, the people that are not afraid to fail, the type of people who have inspired me my whole life” said Leto.

As the new face of the brand, the musician will be recruiting maverick artists, musicians and unique minds to join him in a creative video that he will be leading. Out in February, the collection will be revealing more updated designs that are overall light with its thin frames for both optical and sun to provide an all-day comfort yet stylish look.

The international campaign will be launched February 2016 worldwide so keep your eyes peeled!

Qyaliessa Zamani
A Deadpan who likes puns and punn-y people.