Eating healthy isn’t just a fad anymore as more conscious Malaysians are beginning to realise the importance of keeping their bodies nourished the right way and are willing to invest in health. Having said that, having hectic everyday schedules and dining out often can sometimes make it difficult for people to stay eating healthy.

To help Malaysians eat clean and cultivate a healthier lifestyle, the leading cold-press juice company in Malaysia – La Juiceria – has taken their health philosophy up a notch by introducing Goodness Greens Café, a haven with delicious yet healthy meals and drinks made from the freshest ingredients that are good for you.


From our chat with Anabelle who is the Founder of La Juiceria, we learned that the birth of Goodness Greens Café was simply a brainchild of fate and ideas. What started out to be a hunt for a prime location in TTDI for another La Juiceria juice bar resulted in the discovery of the perfect place to execute a concept she had always thought about – a healthy café.

Aptly named after La Juiceria’s best-selling juice, Goodness Greens, the café aims to nurture healthy eating amongst the entire family and offers a simple yet extensive menu with superfood smoothie bowls, vegan plant-powered soups, superfood snacks, coffee and tea, La Juiceria’s cold-pressed juices and customisable gourmet salads with endless choices.


The cosy café has an interior that looks simple yet inviting. There’s even a play area and diaper changing station for babies and children. Anabelle points out that the recipes used at the café are very similar to recipes she’s used at home for years, hence, these natural, preservative-free offerings are all child-friendly. The soups, for instance, are an absolute hit with kids.

Soon, Goodness Greens Café will also be adding more offerings to its menu and patrons can look forward to more hot dishes like rice bowls, breakfasts, comforting pastas and fun snacks for the entire family to enjoy. Staying true to what they’ve been doing with La Juiceria, Goodness Greens will continue to bring you high quality, healthy food choices that would be difficult to get hold of outside.


La Juiceria’s cold-pressed juices have long been popular in Malaysia, and here, the juices are served in a bowl of ice so that patrons can enjoy them cold while having their meal. If you don’t like consuming vegetables and fruits as is, these cold-press juices are a fantastic way to get the nutrients into your body.


Goodness Greens Café serves coffee and tea as well. During our visit, we tried the soothing Ginger Rose tea that’s made with La Juiceria’s Vital Shot concoction. It’s a rejuvenating, strong blend of sweet, spicy flavours and would be great for those who are suffering from any stomach discomfort or excessive gas.


Whether you like your salads to be fully vegan or served with something a little bit naughty, the ingredient choice is endless at Goodness Greens Café. You can choose from the Petit, Medium or Grand sizes; and you can customise everything, from the choice of greens and various toppings, to the supplementary ingredients, meats and fish, as well as the dressings. There’s surely something for everyone!

This monstrous salad that we ordered consisted of steamed french bean, grilled mushrooms, fusilli, edamame, boiled egg, lotus room chips, anchovies, parmesan cheese, grilled chicken and roasted sesame dressing. Yes, we got a little too greedy, but it was so worth it.


For a snack, we tried the Superfood Spinach and Mozzarella dip that’s served with baguette. To our surprise, this was such a delicious treat! It didn’t taste very green, and the mozzarella made the dip very savoury. It was comforting, and we enjoyed it thoroughly.


All the soups at Goodness Greens Café are made with La Juiceria’s Almond Mylk and they are purely vegan. We tried the Carrot with Rosemary soup, and must say that its thick, blended consistency makes it a very filling soup indeed. Even though it didn’t have any cream in it, the soup was creamy and very hearty.


This was definitely the highlight of our visit and what we were most looking forward to. Not many restaurants and eateries in the Klang Valley serve good smoothie bowls, so we were extremely glad to find perfectly executed smoothie bowls at Goodness Greens Café. These colourful smoothie bowls would be great for breakfast, or as a healthy mid-day pick me up that’s completely satisfying.

We tried the Pittaya bowl that’s essentially dragon fruit blended with other fruits, and topped off with desiccated coconut, chia seeds, raw cacao nibs, bee pollen, bananas and strawberries. It was absolutely lovely, and we’d for sure go back for another smoothie bowl soon.


According to Anabelle, Malaysians have been very receptive to the offerings at Goodness Greens Café, and we can totally see why. We’re being bombarded with chemicals daily as it’s a part of life, so one way to counter this and to strengthen our immune systems, really, is to have more fruits and vegetables, or in this case, to consume healthy, natural and preservative-free foods that are good for the body.

It’s so easy to fall in love with Goodness Greens Café, and seeing how passionate Anabelle is about her healthy food assures us that we’d always be in good hands with every visit. A+, for sure! 😉

Goodness Greens Café

32 Jalan Datuk Sulaiman TTDI,
60000 Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur.

Carmen Chong
YouTube-obsessed and a beauty junkie at heart. Find her on Instagram: @carthemen