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Recently, Krug Champagne and Chef James Won joined forces to offer us a gastronomic adventure with the unveiling of Asia’s first Krug Chef’s Table at Enfin by James Won. This is a manifestation of the maison’s soul offering a Krug experience paired with culinary delights and Krug Champagnes. The other Krug Chef’s Table are located in Las Vegas in USA, Sao Paolo in Brazil, Berlin in Germany, Warsaw in Poland and St. Regis Mexico City.

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This dedicated space encompasses the Krug Universe, and everything from the ceilings to the decor and tableware are carefully picked to represent the House of Krug. Chef James Won was proudly selected into the exclusive Krug Ambassade network in June 2014 whereby he has showcased elevated gastronomy experiences with Krug, and he’s now raised the bar with the new Krug Chef’s Table.

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This exclusive engagement offers epicureans a rare opportunity to experience Krug affairs right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The debut of the Krug Chef’s Table started with flutes of Krug Grand Cuvée and this was followed with a tantalising amuse bouche featuring brioche toast with scallops, cream cheese and strawberries hors d’oeuvre or a “mouth amuser”. The playful combination offered a mouthwatering preview to the grand luncheon that was to come.

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The first entrée was a triple caviar combination featuring a medley of ikura, tobiko roe, lemon and parsley tapioca accentuated by creamy notes of black garlic and almond tofu, which was a daring combination. Moving on, the second entrée featured Argentinian prawns, soft-shell crab, green apples, papaya and violet topped off with a shellfish sabayon. This was a crowd-pleasing seafood dish that showcased balance of flavour, texture and structure.

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Later, the third entrée – sea urchin, slow cooked egg yolk in prawn oil, miso cured egg yolk, charred leeks and handmade pasta – presented a medley of amazing flavours, especially from the charred leeks and delightful, savoury pasta. The final savoury course was an outstanding show stopper indeed. French abalone, abura bouzu, cod fish milt, cep mushrooms were served on a bed of fondant potato infused with saffron and lobster reduction.

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To cap off the luncheon, the dessert served was a delectable sweet chocolate creation called Opera chocolaté dôme à la Enfin that’s made with white chocolate. This lightly sweetened dessert was paired with the Krug Grand Cuvee, which kept the palate fresh and balanced with a richness complementing the fruity and citrus finish of the champagne.

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Krug Champagnes and Chef James Won definitely gave us an afternoon to remember as we dined enjoyably and learned more about the history of the House of Krug. He also expressed his heartfelt gratitude in his representation of the Krug Chef’s Table in Malaysia and recommends that we look forward to a book he’s worked on with Krug about pairing Krug champagne and eggs.

The Krug Chef’s Table at Enfin by James Won is a VIP experience specially curated by Chef James Won and his culinary team. For more information on Krug Chef’s Table, kindly visit and for reservations, kindly contact +6010-2887920. Do also check out Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia’s official website to learn more about Krug.

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