Have you ever walked back and forth in a store just trying to figure out which bottle of fragrance you should buy? Option #1 smells too citrus-y while option #2 screams you but is lacking that little something..


Consider your problem solved because Victoria’s Secret will be introducing their Fantasies Fragrance Studio that lets you layer scents and have your own personalized signature fragrance.

With 20 fragrances of fragrance mist, fragrance lotion, hand & body cream and eau de toilette, you get to play around with the scents to find the right one that suits you best.

Scents available are :- Love Spell, Pure Seduction, Passion Struck, Sheer Love, Such A Flirt, Total Attraction, Secret Charm, Aqua Kiss, Coconut Passion, Love Addict, Amber Romance, Vanilla Lace, Mango Temptation, Secret Escape and including new scents such as Dream, Kiss, Rush, Exotic, Romantic and Temptation.

Visit a Victoria’s Secret store to find your personalized signature scent!

Qyaliessa Zamani
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