We all love a good pair of jeans that make us feel fabulous in them, no matter our body type. Most importantly, our butt HAS to look fantastic.

Well, denim expert Tim Kaeding who is the founder and designer for the brand Mother has shared his number one tip for us to look out for – the placement of the pockets.

Photo: Denimtherapy
Photo: Denimtherapy

He says: “Pocket placement has a lot to do with making your butt look better. If they are too far apart, the result is a bigger-looking butt. If they sit too high, they make your butt look too long and heavy at the bottom. Placed just right, a smaller and tighter butt. Placing pockets is definitely an art!”

Now, keep this in mind every time you’re hunting for the perfect pair of jeans! 😀


Carmen Chong
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