Stop what you’re doing because Dior Makeup has an official Instagram account!

Just recently on the 4th of March 2016, Dior Makeup announced the birth of @diormakeup so you can get an insight of what usually happens in the universe of Dior Makeup. Exciting much?!

With exclusive photos and video, you will most definitely be fully immersed into their world as Peter Philips lead the way in creative movements.

Inspiring, innovative and creative, whether it’s backstage at major shows or in the Creative Studio, @diormakeup is specifically catered for makeup, as well as different contents including what inspires Peter Philips, his creative process and his trips, including behind the scenes at the ad campaigns, backstage at the shows and all the latest make-up news. It leads you to discover everything that makes Dior make-up so rich and unique.

By the time you finish reading this, we’re assuming you’ve already clicked that follow button on their profile!

Qyaliessa Zamani
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