Photo: Entertainment Weekly
Photo: Entertainment Weekly

Oh, John Boyega, my love… We all know that he’s one of the most charming man in the entire galaxy! And Daisy Ridley… You’re living under a rock if you didn’t know that she’s one mega talented human being! Especially after watching her audition tape. Am I right or am I right? Not many can cry on demand!

In a DVD bonus clip from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Ridley and her on-screen partner in crime, Boyega shows us that they don’t only kick ass in the Sci-Fi world but also in the real life by rapping and beatboxing about their experience on set.

“I’ve got a good eye for talent and Ridley was just doing a little rap one day and I said ‘You know what? I can make you a big star’, so we decided to collaborate on a song together.” Boyega explains before giving a little snippet.

“We all up in the desert and we filming Star Wars/ Because of our diets we can’t eat no Mars bars/ Because of the explosions JB crawling on all fours/ Because of all the heat we can really make some s’mores.” Those are some bars you’re spitting, Daisy!

Watch the clip below:

Such cuties.



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