Photo: Twitter

There was never a time when a car accident was deemed to be funny or humorous, but this time we have got to share a laugh over this car accident happened over the thanksgiving weekend. Social media bursted out with giggles when the Twitter user @hellocojo posted a picture of what happened as an aftermath of the car accident she encountered.

Photo: Twitter

As the car she was travelling in crashed, she left a remarkable imprint of her pristine (once pristine!) makeup on the back of the front seat headrest. The picture she posted as an aftermath shows a total visage of her face being struck to the leather headrest. Oh, no, makeup setting spray didn’t even stand a chance!

“Okay now we gon laugh cuz it’s funny and everyone is okay but keep it f****n cute [sic]” she wrote as she posted the picture on Twitter.

Photo: Twitter

It didn’t take long for the social media to react to this picture and the incident and within hours thousands and thousands of people tweeted, retweeted and started posting memes about this almost scary accident that turned into a humorous situation.

Photo: Twitter

Finding hilarity in every situation is something we all should do rather than sulking over it. No? Especially if it’s related to makeup. Lol.

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