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Say it isn’t so!

One of Hollywood’s controversial classics, Last Tango In Paris has sparked outrage regarding a controversial rape scene which included the usage of a butter stick as lubricant — not because it’s getting a reboot anytime soon, but more like, who approved this sh*t?

The infamous 1972 film featured a then 48-year-old Marlon Brando who did the deed on 19-year-old Maria Schneider, and apparently, the disturbing plot was planned by director, Bernardo Bertolucci and Marlon to elevate the movie experience, without the actress’ knowledge or consent beforehand. Yeap, it was actual rape.

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The director revealed in a recently surfaced interview video, “The sequence of the butter is an idea that I had with Marlon in the morning before shooting,” he continued, “We were having, with Marlon, breakfast on the floor of the flat where I was shooting. There was a baguette, there was butter and we looked at each other and, without saying anything, we knew what we wanted.”

Maria recalled Marlon saying to her, “Maria, don’t worry, it’s just a movie,” in which she felt humiliated and a little raped, both by Marlon and by Bertolucci who didn’t even console or apologise to her afterwards. She continued, “I should have called my agent or had my lawyer come to the set because you can’t force someone to do something that isn’t in the script, but at the time, I didn’t know that.”

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Once the film wraps up, none of them kept in contact with Maria Schneider, who died in 2011. Bertolucci knew Maria spent her life hating him and although he feels guilty, he doesn’t regret the decision.

Bertolucci’s treatment of Maria Schneider is clearly part of a culture of manipulation and bullying of actresses for the sake of a movie, as it’s not uncommon for master directors and film producers to use almost any means to get that perfect shot, which often lead to the scarring of the female lead’s psychological well-being.

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Hollywood A-listers have gathered up on Twitter to voice out their opinions on this cringe-worthy revelation. Anna Kendrick tweeted to Chris Evans about how she has heard of this long time ago, but nobody actually cared because it’s considered as insignificant during that time, especially to males.

Thank God we’re living in the era of feminism and although we don’t really agree with unnecessary movements like ‘Free The Nips‘ and ‘Free Your National Pubic Forest‘, we sure are blessed that women have more power to speak out loud now.

We see you, Dr Luke.

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