How we smell ultimately reflects who we are and how we’re feeling, and taking that into consideration, Playboy has developed a new fragrance – King and Queen of the Game. With seduction being the key aspect, the fragrance is meant for men and women who do not hesitate to be bold and make the first move.


The fragrance showcases a hot cocktail of masculinity for men, and an elegant fragrance with floral notes for women. It does not only comes in the form of eau de toilette, but also deodorant sprays as well, which feature Playboy’s newest innovation, a skin touch technology that retains and releases the scent during skin-on-skin contact.


Playboy’s King and Queen of the Game fragrances are available at all leading pharmacies throughout Malaysia. The King of the Game eau de toilette retails at RM39.90 whereas Queen of the Game retails at RM42.90. Both the deodorants are priced at RM 18.90 each.