In conjunction with World Health Day 2016, La Casa has introduced two new menu selections to celebrate healthy eating. The two sets are:

Glorious Green (1)

Glorious Green  Char-grilled chicken breast with a quinoa-mango-cilantro salad, with homemade yogurt with mixed berries and a self-made granola bar as dessert and a glass of green apple-celery-cucumber juice.

Ravishing Red (4)

Ravishing Red – Char-grilled salmon with barley risotto and roasted pumpkin. The dessert consists of baked meringue with mixed fruits on a passion fruit sauce, and as a drink you will be served a sweet orange-carrot-honey juice.

These two menu selections are a healthier alternative if you’re eating out, so be sure to give them a taste! Both the menu selections are now available at La Casa until April 30th, and the menu selections are priced at RM49 and RM59 respectively. Check out La Casa’s Facebook page for more updates and info.

Dang Sari
An ideal weekend for her is to dip her feet in the river or hiking up a hill. Anything that can keep her moving, physically.