After garnering success from the launch of the Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewelry Collection in the USA, China and Hong Kong, Swarovski is pleased to announce the launch of their brand new activity tracker in Malaysia. The Active Crystal is embedded with innovative activity tracking technology and women can now enjoy wearable technology!

The Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewelry Collection, designed in collaboration with Misfit, is Swarovski’s first smart range to offer pioneering technology in its iconic crystal. Beautifully set against the Swarovski Slake bracelet or sleek sport band, the wearable technology is a truly elegant fashion accessory. “With the Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewelry Collection, we bring our jewelry expertise and global reach to a category which has historically been dominated by male consumers”, explained Senior Vice President APAC Product Marketing, Joan Ng. “Versatile enough to dress up or down, the Activity Crystal gives the modern woman a fitness tracker that looks and feels like a piece of jewelry, so she never feels the need to leave home without wearing it, and at the same time it reminds her to stay active and fit throughout her days and nights.”

The Activity Crystal boasts an expert tracking technology that will log your physical activity both day and night. Lightweight and far from bulky, the Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewelry saves fitness goals to best help you focus on the finish line. To review activity, the crystal synchronizes wirelessly with the wearer’s smartphone, allowing you to set the goals, log a food diary and share progress with friends to aid a healthy and beautiful lifestyle. Water resistant up to 50 meters, the Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewelry is the perfect companion for the active woman of today. When touched, lights indicate both the time and status of activity accomplished, perfect for body conscious women seeking a discreet way to accelerate their fitness and wellbeing.

In addition to the Activity Crystal’s multiple functions, the crystal also acts as a beautiful piece of jewelry, designed to ensure the wearer looks on-trend all day, every day. Whether it’s the sport band for a morning workout, or a Slake bracelet for work, the smart collection effortlessly transitions from day to night. Available to purchase within a set including, a Slake bracelet, the Activity Crystal and a sport band or as individual pieces, the numerous options ensure versatility that can complement all styles and looks, enabling the wearer to match her Swarovski Activity Crystal to every outfit and occasion.

The Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewelry Collection comes in Iconic Slake Set in gray or blue and Slake Deluxe Set in pink, black or white.

For more information, visit Swarovski outlet nationwide or their website.

Emma Mallaburn
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