#BODYTONEMYZONE - Celebrity guests pose for a group photo with Bodytone founders

Malaysia’s pioneers of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) training, Bodytone Studio, has introduced the innovative MyZone® system into their fitness programme to track and optimise Bodytone workouts for enhanced progress. This was unveiled as Bodytone opened its doors to the fourth studio located at Courtyard SS15, Subang Jaya.

#BODYTONEMYZONE - Guests trying out the Bodytone Challenge

This large lifestyle concept studio will see Bodytone take its holistic philosophy towards fitness a step further as it also comes equipped with an on-premise Lorna Jane Activewear outlet and juice bar. More than a fitness studio, this space allows fitness enthusiasts to embrace their well-being from the inside out.

#BODYTONEMYZONE - A quick introduction by Helen Sta Maria, Bodytone's Operations Manager

The Courtyard SS15 Bodytone Studio is designed to host group trainings where uniquely designed classes and regimes are crafted to suit various performance levels and workout goals with advanced equipment, techniques and well-trained personal trainers.

#BODYTONEMYZONE - Whole Body Vibration (WBA) training demonstration, led by Master Trainer, Sharon Kaur

Now, Bodytone workouts will be more optimised than ever before with MyZone®, an advanced interactive system that works hand in hand with the MZ-3 Physical Belt and an app to track personal fitness progress by analysing heart rates, activity time, calories burned and by monitoring your heart rate zone to ensure you’re putting in optimum effort for maximum results.

#BODYTONEMYZONE - MyZone heart monitoring system display

With every move, the efforts made will also be converted to MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) that works like a reward mechanism. On top of that, the MyZone® system is a fun and easy way to encourage fitness enthusiasts to comparatively track and view status rankings of their progress, engaging in a social fitness lifestyle that is constantly exciting.

Check out Bodytone Studio’s official website or Facebook page to find out more regarding the different outlets, class schedules and fees.

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