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PurelyB: Asia’s 1st Health & Wellness Marketplace

Photo: PurelyB
Photo: PurelyB
Photo: PurelyB

Ever wish there was a one-stop portal for everything and anything related to living a healthy lifestyle?

PurelyB is Asia’s 1st health and wellness site, aiming to provide the ultimate convenience for people in Asia to lead sustainable healthy lifestyles. Here, users can easily access information, discover and purchase healthy goods and services, all in one place.

What started out as a content-site to inspire and motivate people to be healthier, PurelyB has evolved into the go-to place where everyone has access to healthy foods, nourishing beverages, stylish, eco-friendly active wear, toxin-free beauty and personal care essentials, must-have kitchen accessories and more.

Users will also find practical tips on nutrition, fitness, beauty and wellness, available in both English and Chinese. PurelyB remains focused on empowering and inspiring people to start getting healthy and influence positive lifestyle changes through guidance and motivation, with inspiring contents including articles, videos, recipes and custom-designed health programmes with an option for meal deliveries.

For more information, head over to PurelyB’s website.

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