How many times have you had to break your fast in the car due to unpredictable traffic? It is inevitable to come across critical moments like this when you urgently need a snack, and instead of having sugary snacks that could make you feel sluggish, why not opt for healthier alternatives?

Malaysia’s artisan healthy snacks provider Amazin’ Graze this year supports those who are fasting by offering 100% natural snacks that are high in protein and complex carbohydrates that can satiate for longer and give the body the right nutrients requires by refraining from the use of refined sugar or processed ingredients.


With this, five new mouth-watering snacks will be rolled out – Satay Lemongrass Nut Mix, Rendang Coconut Nut Mix, Sticky Date Pudding Granola, Pandan Skinny Cookies and Rose Skinny Cookies. All these snacks are conveniently packed and ready to be delivered in both retail and subscription portions.

Aside from ordering online, you could also get your hands on these snacks at supermarkets like Village Grocer and Ben’s Independent Grocer. If you’d like to try more of these snacks at one go, you could purchase a subscription box with four different snacks at only RM24.90.


This Ramadhan, Amazin’ Graze is running its Eat Healthy During Ramadhan campaign until from 30 May to 3 July 2016 and there will be contests, health tips and free subscription giveaways. There are also chances to enjoy a 50% off on the first subscription box you purchase, so don’t miss out.

Stay updated with Amazin’ Graze via Facebook or order your healthy snacks now from its official website.

Carmen Chong
YouTube-obsessed and a beauty junkie at heart. Find her on Instagram: @carthemen