With its brilliant jewelry and accessories, Swarovski addresses multifaceted women who need their outfit to evolve throughout the day, from casual moments to outstanding ones. To best show women how to mix and match, layer, stack and make their jewelry truly theirs, Swarovski has invited its new brand ambassador Karlie Kloss and some of her brightest fashion pals to star in the pages of its Multifacets Magazine.

Together, this stylish squad shows how to achieve the hottest trends combining some of the Fall/Winter 2016 Crystal Galaxy collection’s most emblematic products.

Karlie Kloss and her guests Harley Viera-Newton, Vashtie Kola and Vanessa Hong appear as inspirational examples of the modern Swarovski woman, celebrating femininity through a variety of sparkling personalities and looks.

Emma Mallaburn
Emma is a writer, dancer and Lucky Charms lover. She enjoys baking muffins, completing puzzle sets and eating both. Her idea of the good life includes pretending she's Amy from The Big Bang Theory and throwing martinis in the faces of those who scorn her. She can be found on Twitter: @emallaburn