Photo: The Hive Asia
Photo: The Hive Asia

The #webepop showcase debuted at Laundy, The Curve, yesterday, featuring four out of the eight artists involved in the project.

#webepop is an effort to bring together eight of Malaysia’s top english music artists, by producing an original English pop compilation album. This 16-track album called #WEBEPOP will feature two songs from each artists, namely NarmiDiandra ArjunaidiPrema YinElizabeth TanDaiyan TrishaJin HackmanDasha Logan and Darren’s very own band, An Honest Mistake.

The #webepop project backed by the webe community with RM 200,000 allocated to kick-start the album production. The aim is to raise the level of Malaysian music and to create awareness that local music is just as good as the international music we worship.

However, this project is in dire need of your help. Nope, you don’t have to donate any money, all you have to do is download the webe community app and pledge away. You can pledge 5 times a day, so keep pledging everyday for the next 10 days. If they don’t hit the target pledge, the funding doesn’t get unlocked, and the album may not happen.

Let’s help make our local musicians to make this happen!

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