Photo: Thenopoo
Photo: Thenopoo

Regardless of the products you use, we were taught from young to rinse, lather, and rinse with shampoo followed by conditioner. We’re so accustomed to it that doing anything else probably seems kind of strange.

Having said that, many hair care brands and hair care professionals have recently recommended doing the complete opposite: conditioning the hair before shampooing. It apparently adds nourishment to hair without weighing it down, promotes a longer lasting blow dry, and primes the hair before cleansing.


If your hair is chemically treated, is prone to greasiness or tangles up easily, conditioning before shampooing also really helps. The pre-cleanse smooths and hydrates even the most damaged hair, allowing for major volume once the hair is dry.

Hair care professionals also recommend saturating the hair with conditioner from the root to the tip for the best results. After all, the shampoo will cleanse it off after and you won’t be left with the residual oiliness.

Ready to change up the way you care for your mane? 😉 We’ve tried it, and are happy to report that it really works!

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