About 90% of women are prone to developing stretch marks during pregnancy, caused by the breaking of elastic fibres under the surface of the skin, because the body is growing faster than the skin can keep up with.

These annoying stretch marks can affect your breasts, tight, hips, lower back, buttocks; and can result in anxiety and depression amongst mums-to-be. This is where Bio Oil comes in, it helps pregnant mothers to manage their skin changes effectively.

Suitable for all skin types, Bio Oil is a cocktail of natural ingredients that helps skin to quickly absorb all its goodness, leaving skin soft and supple without the greasy feeling. Bio Oil does not only improves the appearance of existing stretch marks, it is also clinically proven to reduce the risk of new stretch marks from forming.

Bio Oil is now offering expecting mothers a limited edition promotional pack that consists of two 60 ml bottles and a free thermos at only RM 69.90, available at all pharmacies nationwide.

For best results, massage oil in circular motion on stretch mark prone areas, two times a day, for at least three months.

Gowri Krishnan
Writing is to her what flying is to Han Solo. The way to her heart is through a pint of Guinness while watching a Real Madrid game.