Photo: Genius
Photo: Genius

What were your first seven jobs? It’s a simple question, but the #first7jobs hashtag has dominated Twitter over the weekend.

Twitter users from all walks of life, including really successful people, joined in to share their wage-earning gigs. It really shows that success doesn’t happen overnight, and even celebs paid bills in various ways when they were starting out.

Who knew?!

Singer Marian Call started out as a babysitter and got the ball rolling for the rest of the world..

Some jokers also had a field day, of course.. LOL!

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who is a self-proclaimed “Global Space Statesman,” shared his #first7jobs..

One of actress Constance Wu’s first jobs included folding T-shirts at Gap:

Regina Spektor shared her first jobs..

.. As well as Tegan and Sara who had first jobs together and alone..

Christina Perri was once a shampoo girl.. Wow!

How enlightening? Lesson of the day: Don’t stop hustling, everyone! 😉

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