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It’s not often you’d find an impressive porky buffet spread in the Klang Valley made for hardcore meat eaters, but popular Balinese BBQ restaurant and bar Naughty Nuri’s is well on its way to emerge as one of the outstanding ones with the Snout to the Tail buffet at its Life Centre outlet.


Happening every Sunday from 11am to 3pm from 31st July 2016, Snout to the Tail is set to be a regular feature amongst foodies, pleasure seekers and travellers in Kuala Lumpur, for good reason. Aside from Naughty Nuri’s 1995 Signature BBQ Spare Ribs and BBQ Satay Lilit, the buffet menu offers a wide selection of items that’d satiate any carnivore.


The buffet table, which was quite underwhelming at first, had a simple salad bar with an array of dressings, some kuih nyonya, banana fritters, and an ais kacang station with condiments. We quite enjoyed the spicy Thai salad dressing, and found ourselves going back for multiple helpings of greens to balance out the crazy amount of meats we wiped out.


Before we get into the good stuff on the menu, we’d just break it to you now. The serving portions for a good 90% of stuff available on the menu are ridiculously huge and are strictly meant for sharing amongst at least three to five people. We’d highly suggest rallying a bunch of friends for the buffet to try as many items as you can on the menu.


From Naughty Nuri’s Signature Grill, there are the 1995 Signature BBQ Spare Ribs, BBQ Satay Lilit, BBQ Pork Loin, and Spicy BBQ Pork Ribs. Naughty Nuri’s is of course known for its grilled-to-perfection BBQ pork ribs coated with Balinese spices and its sweet yet savoury sauce, and these BBQ Spare Ribs and Spicy BBQ Pork Ribs were very tender.


We’d give the BBQ Pork Loin a miss as it was relatively less flavourful compared to the other offerings, and the slab of meat was a little dry. On the other hand, the BBQ Satay Lilit – marinated pork meat wrapped around lemongrass sticks – was surprisingly very moist and tasty.


Each patron was allowed two servings of each Star Item on the menu which consisted of Flame Grilled Iberico, Babi Guling, Ayam Penyet, and Roast Pork Rendang. The Ayam Penyet and Babi Guling wasn’t served as warm as we’d like, and in terms of flavour, they were mediocre.


We much preferred the Flame Grilled Iberico which was flambéed with liquors and served on a sizzling plate. Although the portion for the Iberico pork is small, every little piece was gratifyingly smokey, fatty and aromatic. The Roast Pork Rendang is also worth trying and it’d be a great accompaniment to white rice.


We didn’t manage to try all the tapas and sides available, but some of them really were standouts. The Red Hot Chilli Pepper Truffle Fries were a delicious dream for us truffle lovers, and the cheesy, buttery Mash Potatoes was to die for. Amongst the tapas we liked include the spicy Knuckle on Fire and Ayam On Ow-Some!!!! (yes, with the exclamation marks).

Naughty Nuris Group Food Shots

Snout to the Tail is definitely worth paying for considering the options you’re getting and the overall diversity of flavours you can indulge in, if you really enjoy pork and you’re prepared to go all out. We’ve probably consumed way too much meat in one sitting for our own good, but it’s definitely a feast to remember.

Snout to the Tail happens every Sunday from 11am to 3pm from 31st July 2016 and is priced at RM65++ for adults, RM32++ for children below 12 years old and senior citizens aged 60 and above. Alternatively, patrons can top up RM35++ for free flow beer or RM55++ for free flow wine.

Naughty Nuri’s @ Life Centre

Lot G-05, Ground Floor Life Centre,
No 20 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250, Kuala Lumpur.

Access Naughty Nuri’s official website or the Facebook page for Naughty Nuri’s Life Centre for more details.

Opening Hours: Mon to Sun – 11am to 12am
Tel: 019-300 7221

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