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PurelyB Launches Malaysia’s First Health & Wellness TV Show On Astro

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PurelyB has introduced Malaysia’s first ever health and fitness TV show, B Healthy on Astro.

This weekly English-language show is the first of it’s kind in Malaysia, and is a collaboration between Astro and PurelyB. The show aims to demonstrate that being healthy can be fun, easy and accessible for everyone.

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A whole range of health issues and topics will be discussed; from post-pregnancy weight loss to discovering healthy versions of your favourite local Asian recipes, hot fitness trends and exotic natural beauty remedies; B Healthy wants you to gravitate towards a healthier and happier you.

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Popular celebrity Amelia Henderson is the host of B Healthy and brings her own brand of energy to the show, while presenting the topics and discussions in an easy-to-understand style for all – whether you’re a health and fitness enthusiast or not. The show will also feature guest celebrities to pick their brains on health and fitness tips.

B Healthy will air every Sunday evening at 7.00pm (GMT +8) on Astro Gempak YouTube channel for viewers worldwide. Viewers in Malaysia can catch the show on Astro Bella (Channel 133) and Astro Mustika HD (Channel 134).

Head over to PurelyB’s website to keep abreast of their latest updates.

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