Available from 22 August to 16 September 2016, McDonald’s brings Malaysians a taste of home with Burger Syok, launched under the ‘Discover the World’ campaign which promises to bring sights, sounds and tastes from around the globe to McDonald’s restaurants in Malaysia.

Burger Syok celebrates one thing all Malaysians cannot resist – chilli spice. Sink your teeth into a whole chicken thigh topped with spicy Syok sauce, sandwiched between warm toasted black and white sesame seed bun with crisp, fresh mixed vegetables.

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To amp up the Malaysian experience when enjoying Burger Syok, McDonald’s has also teamed up with beloved cartoonist Datuk Lat to showcase Lat’s iconic characters celebrating the Malaysian diversity and togetherness in stores nationwide as well as on the packaging for Burger Syok.

Try Burger Syok from McDonald’s for RM11.95 (a la carte) or RM14.99 (regular McValue meal – with regular fries and Frozen Fanta).

Carmen Chong
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