Angela Leong, Reem Shahwa, Joyce Yap, Sharan Valiram, Tan Yin Yin, Bryan Loo, DJ Goldfish, DJ Ehtan Curzon

International travel, business and lifestyle accessory brand TUMI turns packing into an art form through ‘Perfecting the Pack’, fusing personality, travel and rituals to depict how packing extends beyond a simple routine. The campaign features six Global Citizens across Asia on a journey to discover their unique packing personality, so they can then perfect the pack.

TUMI’s Global Citizens campaign highlights the journeys of movers and makers in pursuit of their passions, and this new iteration brings together six avid travellers from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, with Bryan Loo, Business Entrepreneur, representing our nation.

The campaign explores the Global Citizens’ personal travel journeys and discovers the various routines they perform as they pack for travel. Through the Global Citizens’ packing, six distinct personalities are uncovered: the spontaneous packer, the well-prepared packer, the compartmentalised packer, the precise packer, the colourful packer and the curated packer.

TUMI is committed to creating premium quality accessibilities to meet the demands of urban travellers, regardless of their packing personality. Through this campaign, TUMI also celebrates the packing styles of all Global Citizens.

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TUMI‘s Asia Global Citizens campaign includes exhibitions in select retail malls and TUMI stores throughout Asia. You may find out your packing personality through this short quiz.

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