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Introducing The KARLBOX – a limited edition series of high-end drawing tools and artists’ supplies, the brainchild of an exclusive, phenomenal collaboration between renown fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld and the world’s top writing supplies manufacturer, Faber Castell.


The KARLBOX is a unique homage to Karl Lagerfeld as well as an expression of the symbiosis between artist and tool; a special tribute to the inexhaustible creative power of designers, without whom our world would be without shape or colour.


The elegant black box holds 350 Faber-Castell art tools for drawing and painting. Its beech wood exterior resembles a Chinese wedding cabinet, while the inside showcases well-crafted removable drawers that store the art supplies.


It is divided into several drawers which include the primary colours. In total, The KARLBOX contains 350 drawing instruments: markers, crayons, colour pencils, including reds, blacks, greens, yellows and blues set out like a colour chart.

12_KARLBOX_Colours_Shades of Violet_Pink

Every one-of-a-kind Karlbox includes a serial number and certificate of authenticity, making each completely unique. Just 2,500 units have been produced and are individually priced at EUR 2,500 (RM 12, 500).

The unique box will be launched exclusively on 15 September 2016 at Faber-Castell retail outlets at KLCC, Mid Valley City and 1 Utama, Isetan KLCC and The Gardens, Parkson at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and KLCC, as well as Czip Lee at Bangsar.


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