Looks like the smoothie fever is not over just yet.

In conjunction with Malaysia day, Woogo, a brand of California Smoothies, is introducing its very own twist of the local food culture, with smoothies named Apple Khabar Smoothies and Orang Utan Mix Juice. Mmm.. they’re definitely going to delight our taste buds!



Woogo California Smoothies owns more than 50 branches in Taiwan, and is now serving the taste bud of fellow Malaysians with their authentic California smoothies.

After their first and successful outlet in Wisma Central, they are following up with two new outlets which will open soon at Paradigm Mall and Sunway Pyramid this October.


Why is Woogo so unique? The beverage company takes pride in serving homemade sorbet which are made by fresh fruits; a portion of low fat yogurt; some fruit juice and ice; more hits of fresh fruit and not forgetting some happiness and good vibes too.

Besides, you can also choose whether you want your drink to be warm or cold, adding more choices to its wide array of beverage selections. Fun!

For more information about the brand, visit Woogo’s official Facebook page today.

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