A woman’s fragrance says a lot about her. In some cases, the fragrance also becomes her identity, a part of who she is, and her personality. For the feminine woman, we want something that is sensuous, lingers on the skin and in the air, while giving us the confidence we need.

Ever Bloom by Shiseido is the answer we’re looking for. Not only does it express femininity on so many levels, its scent will also carry you into an realm that transcend reality.

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Ever Bloom contains an elegantly restructured balance of olfactory components. With Orange Blossom Absolute, gardenia and Sylkolide musk, the inner Presence Accord expresses a woman’s inner qualities—capturing her confidence, intelligence and irresistible sensuality.

The sophisticated, understated notes of cyclamen, lotus and rose essence blend to create the Radiance Accord, giving its wearer an all-enveloping freshness, unforgettable to all who encounter her.

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All it’s all captured in a bottle that is carved in perpetual motion. With each breath, she evolves this fragrance into one that can only be hers alone.

Shiseido Ever Bloom will blossom in the markets in November.

The Shiseido Ever Bloom Perfume retails for RM215 (30ml) RM315 (50ml) RM435 (90ml), while the Shiseido Ever Bloom Perfumed Body Lotion retails for RM 200.

Gowri Krishnan
Writing is to her what flying is to Han Solo. The way to her heart is through a pint of Guinness while watching a Real Madrid game.